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Since early 2020 I have been working on design sketches for a new online fashion company specialising in high end leather jackets and outerwear. This is an ongoing project but here are a few final designs ready for production.

Some of my bespoke custom clothing featured in an American online fashion magazine called Artistbiz solution throughout 2019-to present.

(Born To win) band member wearing one of my bespoke custom leather jackets in 2019.

Models wearing my custom jackets in London fashion week (2018)

One of my custom jackets featured in Berlin fashion week (2017)

This is one of my first major customs I did for the official (Only Fools And Horses) convention which was held in 2016 in London. (From top below left and right) are some photographs of a punk jacket I replicated from a photo to look as close to the real one in the sitcom. (Top middle) I had to change the top pockets to horizontal stripes and then added vertical stripe pockets underneath for the Rodney shirt. The photos underneath are from the ofah.net website showing you how they were displayed in the exhibition.

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